Thursday, March 5, 2009

आहार - भय - मैथुन - निद्रा

Out from the womb, into 3-dimensional realm

Comes a Child and softly weep

Birthday gift that’s wrapped in this veil

Are - Food, Fear, Sex & Sleep

Taught or not, in school or home

Given no choice to throw or keep

Rooted Skills that surface with time

Of - Food, Fear, Sex & Sleep

With childish eyes that search for care

With human love, for good we reap

Thru timely nurture of social rules

Are - Food, Fear, Sex & Sleep

Grows with the passing time and sees

All around, that touches conscience deep

A host to impressions that carry forward

Is - Food, Fear, Sex & Sleep

A Slave to Slaves, in the land of Slaves

Slavery rules and Dogmas so cheap

Where noone dares to cross the line

After - Food, Fear, Sex & Sleep

Talks of Universe and Spaces to rule

Yet in the Inner world, a mere sheep

Stuck in the karmic cage of time

Bound to - Food, Fear, Sex & Sleep

In this given span of unknown duration

To uncover jewels of this mysterious trip

Who shall sign up to travel the horizon?

And cross thru - Food, Fear, Sex & Sleep

Step by Step with Yam & Niyam

Day to Day, until the final leap

From Darkness to Light, above the Blue Sky

BEYOND - Food, Fear, Sex & Sleep

- - - Obeisances to
Shri Kavindra Rishi (
for encouraging many, to write and understand poetry.